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P. Alejandro Tomas
M. Ismael Montero
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"everything I like is either expensive, illegal or won’t text me back"
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More pictures here
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no not all girls take 5 hours to get ready. no not because i want to talk about something sensitive does it mean im menstruating. no not all girls say cute every 2 seconds in a gretchen weiner voice. no maybe the reason i call myself ugly is because i have actually issues with my physical appearance, not because im searching for attention. im so over people generalizing and stereotyping girls jesus fucking christ.


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so real, yet too young to realize
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where do grandmas and aunties even buy this shit? It’s not in stores???do they have a dealer who sells to them???? 
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The Fugees // Killing Me Softly 

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Holy swag…!
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